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ACT, Inc. develops and manufactures electronic Hot Water D'MAND Kontrols Systems which manage and control distribution of potable hot water for multi-family, commercial and residential buildings in existing and new construction since 1992. ACT, Inc. products have been tested by Oak Ridge National Laboratories, funded by the US Department of Energy and received a CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION for their savings of water and energy. Building Codes for commercial buildings, hotels, etc. and residential single and multi-family are now including Demand Circ Controls in their compliances. ACT Inc. D'MAND SYSTEMS has been involved in the study and research of energy and water conservation products for the last 26 years. ACT holds several patents on hot water distribution systems controls manufactured in AMERCIA and is considered a leading authority on Hot Water Distribution controls for commercial and residential buildings to save both water and energy. ACT Inc. coined and trademarked the term STRUCTURED PLUMBING which applies to design and installation for plumbing in residential and commercial buildings creating a more sustainable building saving money by reducing repairs and maintenances, energy, water, reducing air pollution and sewage processing.
Alert Labs partners with property managers, insurance companies, municipalities and other organizations throughout North America. Our direct-to-cellular sensors provide real-time monitoring and 24/7 alerts to reduce water waste and property damage.
The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) is a stakeholder-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water, AWE serves as a North American advocate for water-efficient products and programs, and provides information and assistance on water conservation efforts.
The Lane Community College's ONLINE Water Conservation Technician program consists of students and faculty dedicated to improving community water security and quality using ecologically sustainable practices. The program trains individuals to evaluate water use patterns; develop, implement, market and maintain conservation programs; perform public outreach; recommend water efficiency techniques; integrate alternative water sources; and perform systems analysis to solve problems. As water related issues continue to increase, more voluntary and mandatory water conservation opportunities are being created that require a technical skill set like that which is offered within this program. It will roll out Fall of 2019!
Collectively, SNWA member agencies serve more than 2.2 million residents in Southern Nevada. As the wholesale water provider, SNWA is responsible for water treatment and delivery, as well as acquiring and managing long-term water resources for Southern Nevada. Our mission is to provide world-class water service in a sustainable, adaptive, and responsible manner to our customers through reliable, cost-effective systems.
The Water Security System is the result, from more than a decade of meticulous and relentless work; performed by many engineers at Enolgas USA Inc, that provides more than 100 years of experience, in one system, for you. The Water Security System product range represents the cutting edge solution that merges specific expertise in Water Conservation, Flood Prevention, Sub-metering, Leak Detection, and ultimate IoT technologies.

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The 12th annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition, Oct. 2-3, 2019, in Las Vegas, is a premier venue to showcase new water-efficiency technology; build and strengthen effective, interdisciplinary relationships; and establish your company as an international leader in innovative water efficiency technology and services.



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