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Preshow Workshops
Tuesday, October 2 (8:00 am - 12:00 pm)
(WS-1804) Water Conservation 101: Get Ready, Set and Go!

For water efficiency beginners, experienced managers, and all other interested parties, this workshop will provide an overview of the essential ingredients and steps involved in developing a successful water conservation plan and program. An overview of the latest in water-saving technologies, policies, analytical models and software tools (e.g., AWE Water Conservation Tracking Tool, AWWA Water Audit software, and EPA WaterSense Water Budget Tool) will be provided along with case studies and other tips to connect and thrive in the world of water conservation and efficiency. "How to" steps and topics to be covered will include:

1. Definitions of a Successful Water Conservation Program
2. Water-Saving Goals
3. Data Analytics: Customer and System Water Use Profiles
4. State-Of-The-Art In Water-Saving Measures And Incentives
5. Potential Water Savings, Benefits And Costs
6. Water Conservation Planning-Budget, Staffing, Schedule
7. Program Implementation
8. Program Monitoring and Evaluation
9. Water Conservation Network
10. Southern Nevada Water Authority: Program Overview

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About the Conference

The 12th annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition, Oct. 2-3, 2019, in Las Vegas, is a premier venue to showcase new water-efficiency technology; build and strengthen effective, interdisciplinary relationships; and establish your company as an international leader in innovative water efficiency technology and services.



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